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We booked William on short notice for a day trip to the Great Wall.

Pick-up by driver early in the morning followed by a two hour ride to Xizhazi.

William started already in the car to tell us about the history of the Great Wall and how he arrived in China.

We then hiked up to the Great Wall, listening to the different facts William told us.

After arriving on top, we enjoyed a fabulous view including tea time on the Great Wall and the surroundings.

Hiking along the wall, discovering different aspect of the Wall and listening to William’s explanations made it a unique experience.

We enjoyed a fantastic and unforgettable day with William on the Great Wall.

We highly recommend the trip with William to everyone planning to visit the Great Wall.


-Sabina and Roman

I just wanted to say how much my wife and I loved our weekend with you guys. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Your family was so much fun to hang out with. The food was AMAZING. and the wall! Wow. The wall was perfect. Experiencing it in such an adventurous way was unbeatable.  Thanks for all the stories and fascinating details- and for still putting so much heart into it after all your days on the wall. I feel very fortunate we were able to be a part of your lives for a few days. Alexa couldn’t stop reading your book on the plane on the way home.

Hope to come back when we have kids :)

-Paul and Alexa

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