1. Everyone asks How long is the Great Wall?" And there are lots of figures. Maybe the best answer is a translation of the Chinese call The Great Wall- and that is The Endless Wall.
  2. The Great Wall for most people is one place, one visit, but for me it is a lifetime, thousands of places, a sub-continent.
  3. Spending time in Mongolia is a key part of my research, after all the Wall has two sides, and its a two sided story.
  4. No matter where you stand on the Wall, no matter how high, or how clear the visibility is, theres always more beyond you, behind you and before.
  5. The Wall isnt just an object, its a vast subject strung throughout 2,300 years of Chinese history.
  6. What am I? Im an explorer thats part historian, part geographer, part archaeologist, part photographer, part environmentalist, part conservationist, part author, part journalist -- who just loves moving and being in the wildest places.
  7. Athleticism has always been the foundation for my explora